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Inkjet prints / drawings

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“Emma, 13, and her friends talk to boys on the Internet during her birthday party, Edina, Minesota.”

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dang who knew i could draw this good

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Ebola fear is turning into all-out racism

The American public’s reaction to the Ebola virus outbreak that’s killed over 4,000 people has moved from concern to outright xenophobia

Call it “Ebola racism.” With the death of Liberian Thomas E.Duncan at a Dallas hospital last week and news that two nurses who treated him have contracted the deadly illness, increasingly paranoid Americans are treating immigrants and visitors from Ebola-ravaged countries like Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone like lepers. 

"People, once they know you are Liberian — people assume you have the virus in your body." | Follow micdotcom

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A promotional ad for WODE Paint Perfume by Boudicca, A distinct and imaginatively conceived perfume, Wode is packaged in a spray paint can that goes on blue, just like the woad war paint used by the ancient British warrior queen, Boudicca. The blue disappears after a few minutes, leaving behind a spicy amber scent that’s utterly enchanting.

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